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 Things to do/not to do when you report someone in abuser section

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PostSubject: Things to do/not to do when you report someone in abuser section   Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:07 am

Hello everyone, there are a few things I would like to mention, because most of the reports, are ok, but can be better. I will have to deny the requests, if you don't respect all this, you have to make some efforts when you are reporting someone. Few examples:

- Always put a screenshot with the player UID, no matter the kind of report (only requests in abusers section, obviously).
If you can't find the player in the room, use either the search function, either the add friend function (they are the same) and take the screenshot.

- Namespoofers requests: always take a screenshot of the player in the room, plus a screenshot when he joined your game. The subject must be like this : ban nickname (UID) namespoofer
good ban request:

- Drophack requests : first, show me that you are still in room, and that people can read you. Then keep the replay safe, and upload it on http://replay.garena.com and give me few details.
The subject must be like this : ban nickname (UID) drophack

- Maphackers requests:Upload the replay. Put timers+explanations, ON EVERY OF YOUR REQUESTS. Screenshot with UID of the player is REQUIRED.
For instance, what I'm expecting of you to do, goes like this:
13min43 sec : click on furion while wood, without vision. (thats what I prefer,cous)
Screenshots, which clearly proove the click in fogs, or something else
The subject must be like this : ban nickname (UID) maphack
Good ban request:

- Garena cracked clients requests: Always, always, HIGHLIGHT the text. Take a screenshot of the UID of the concerned player.
The subject must be like this : ban nickname (UID) cracked garena
Good ban request:

- Host bots users : Take a screenshot when you enter a game with host bot. take a screenshot of the player in room, who's hosting that game, and if you can have the system message with shows he hosted it, that's even better.
The subject must be like this : ban nickname hostbot
Good ban request :

- Hack links requests: Screenshot of the links+UID
The subject must be like this : ban nickname (UID) hack links
Good ban request:

That's the typical explanations I'm waiting for. It helps me a lot.

Something else. When you are making a report, please, when you upload a screenshot on imageshack, or tinypics, RENAME THE SCREENSHOT like this :

. So you are supposed to have a file, a screenshot,like this : cous44 4189041.jpg
I made up the UID, thats just an example. Once again, it will help me, a lot.

I will complete this post if it's necessary. If you think I forgot something, feel free to PM on forums, I'll glady add your idea(s).

That's all for the moment.


EDIT : I forgot about the host bots. Added.
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Things to do/not to do when you report someone in abuser section
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