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 How to post a correct ban request

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PostSubject: How to post a correct ban request   Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:33 am

last updated on 2010.07.25How to post a normal ban request for nonhack-related offences:The subject of a normal ban requests should look like this:
  ban username
Where you replace username with the username of the user to be reported.What to include in your normal ban request:
Type of ban requestEvidence requiredInformation to be provided
Normal leavingScreenshot with scoreboard visible showing ”leaver has left the game!”None
Leaving in "doubtful" situation(If it's not entirely obvious whether the leaver deserves to be banned or not judging only from the screenshot)
  • leaving at the beginning of the game with 0-0 score
  • leaving while other players are writing "don't drop" etcetera
  • host remaking a game
Replay AND screenshot with scoreboard visible showing the ”leaver has left the game!” message.Description of what happened and why you think the leaver deserves to be banned.
Booted for afkingScreenshot with scoreboard visible showing ”afker has been booted for being afk too long!” or "afker has been afk for 5 minutes"None
Afking/idling 5 minutes or more(but didn't get booted)ReplayTime when afker went afk
Disrespectful BehaviourReplayYou only need to mention that you are reporting for disrespectful behavour.
Game ruiningReplayDescription of what happened and time when it occured.
You should post your normal ban request in the subsection corresponding to the room you played in. If you for example played in Europe DotA High Level Room 5, you should post your ban request in the High Level Room 5 section.How to post a ban request for hack-related offences:The subject of an abuser request should look like this:
  ban username - type of abuse
Where you replace username with the username of the user to be reported and type of abuse with the type of abuse you are reporting for, for example Maphack, Drophack, Namespoofer, Hacklinks or Iconhack.What to include in your abuser request:
Type of abuser requestEvidence requiredInformation to be provided
MaphackReplayUID of reported userDetailed information of when andwhy you suspect maphack.
DrophackReplay AND screenshot of the "you have been disconnected" messageUID of reported userDetailed information of when andwhy you suspect drophack.
NamespooferScreenshot showing the namespoofer joining your game, like this:You should not crop the screenshot like in this example!UID of reported user
HacklinksScreenshot showing user postinglinks to hacks or other fraudulent contentNone
IconhackScreenshot showing user's level andiconNone
You should always post your abuser request in the Report Abusers section, regardless of which of the Europe DotA High Level Rooms you played in. But if you did not play in one of the EHLRs, you cannot report abusers at all!Uploading your evidence:
  • Preferably you should use the forum attachment function.
  • Do not use the insert function on replays, and do not use spaces in the filename of replays, those things will make the replay analyzer malfunction.
  • Make sure that your DotA map is saved in the default directory: Warcraft III/maps/download.If it's located somewhere else, we have to create a new path identical to yours and place another copy of DotA there, which means A LOT of hazzle. If your DotA map was not in the default directory at the time you saved the replay, your ban request might get denied.
  • Sometimes the attachment function is out of order, and sometimes the filesize of the file you wish to upload is too big, in that case you can use an external site.
  • For replays, use http://replay.garena.com and post the link to the replay in the ban request.
  • For screenshots, use http://www.imageshack.us or http://www.tinypic.com and encase the direct link to the image with img tags, like this:
    Please use the img tags, it saves us valuable time! If you do not do that, your ban request might get denied.
  • Always make sure that the scoreboard is visible on all screenshots you take.
  • Make sure that all text on the screenshot is legible. If the quality of your screenshot is too poor, or if you use a difficult to read custom font, your ban request might get denied.
  • Never edit your screenshot in any way whatsoever for any reason whatsoever. If the filesize is too big, use an external hosting site as described above.
  • Taking a screenshot from a replay is ok, as long as the scoreboard is visible.
Some things to keep in mind:
  • Do not put reading access on threads. People must be allowed to see what they are accused for and be able to defend themselves!
  • Before you make a ban request, check at least the first page to see if there's already a ban request on that user. Though if you intended to report for another offense, you are very welcome to post your evidence in the already existing thread. If the ban request has been closed, you can make a new ban request.
  • If you discover that you reported someone who has already been reported, or for any other reason wish to delete something you posted, you can delete your thread by clicking the edit button, putting a tick in the "!delete this post" box and then press submit. This works as long as nobody has replied to your thread.
  • Always make your ban request as quickly as possible, preferably immediately after the game has finished. Do NOT wait more than a day with your ban requests. It causes all kinds of hazzle. Just to mention a few: leavers might ruin more games before they get banned, ban durations will be unfair, we might think someone is banevading, if someone disconnected he might delete his evidence if nobody reports him for a few days.
  • Do not use uppercase letters in the ban tag in the subject of the ban request. If there are uppercase letters in the ban tag, we won't be able to copypaste the entiry topic and paste it into the client, thus wasting time.
  • Do not report multiple users in the same ban request, even if you got two leavers in the same screenshot! I know it's convenient for you, but it's inconvenient for us! If you report multiple users in the same thread, the ban request might get denied.
  • Always make sure you spelled the username of the user to be banned 100% correct, otherwise he might walk free, since we usually just copypaste the topics of the ban requests when banning.
  • Beware of symbols that look alike, such as lowercase L and uppercase i.
  • Beware of coloured users! Their username is NOT the same as their nickname inside Warcraft III. For example the real username of guy called "colour" might be "c|cff004532olour". Check the real username of coloured users BEFORE the game starts, or check the replay afterwards.
  • In addition to the "information to be provided" that is required, you may write as much as you want. However, we will only judge what we see in the evidence! If you for example write that someone left because he did not get the lane or the hero he wanted which cannot be seen in the screenshot, you need to upload the replay as well, otherwise we will disregard that information!
  • Providing leaver name, leaver score, leaver status and game status is no longer required, but you are very welcome to provide that information anyway, because some of our moderators do find it helpful.
GArena HLR Ban Poster
  • The EHLR staff recommends using GArena HLR Ban Poster to manage your ban requests quicker and easier.
  • For support or questions regarding GArena HLR Ban Poster, contact BrainSucker.
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How to post a correct ban request
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