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 ban vantila

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PostSubject: ban vantila   Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:07 am

after 19 mins vantila signal for us about cipslayer and Marik_wow coming,
ofc he cannot see them, i have screen about signal on cipslayer, at replay u can find signal by vantila on Marik_wow too

and he said he will be prepear (got screen) so he cannot say "omg i forget about replay and screen"

27:49 [Allies] samaryan: u beter to know mher
27:49 [Allies] samaryan: )
27:56 [Allies] vantila: i am
27:57 [Allies] vantila: not
28:02 [Allies] vantila: Smile
28:06 [Allies] vantila: i show u print screen
28:10 [Allies] samaryan: k so its easy for u make screen
28:12 [Allies] vantila: just 2 make my point
28:13 [Allies] samaryan: or replay
28:17 [Allies] samaryan: )
28:17 [Allies] vantila: nop
28:22 [Allies] samaryan: cose i will report
28:24 [Allies] samaryan: anyway
28:29 [Allies] vantila: me ?
28:29 [Allies] samaryan: use replay or screen
28:30 [Allies] vantila: Smile)
28:32 [Allies] samaryan: ye
28:39 [Allies] vantila: i rly dont have
28:40 [Allies] samaryan: and they will not ban u
28:44 [Allies] samaryan: i hope
28:49 [Allies] vantila: i never used
28:53 [Allies] samaryan: kk
28:54 [Allies] vantila: either u believe me or not
28:55 [Allies] samaryan: will see
29:03 [Allies] samaryan: nothing personal

Replay: http://replay.garena.com/view.php?id=4d14b7ced4bd0

Screen for example:

P.S. IF HE WILL SHOW PROOF PLS DELETE THIS THREAD cose i dont wonna be bad guy)

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PostSubject: Re: ban vantila   Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:42 am

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ban vantila
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