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 ban C4L1BvR UID 9677745 drophack

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PostSubject: ban C4L1BvR UID 9677745 drophack   Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:29 pm

I was in the room at the moment of drop and everything was fine as usual



Game was without lagg at all.About minute 13 when my team started gang,suddenly,massive lag ocures and no one in my team was able to do anything.Lag was started in perfect moment for oposite team,as you can see in replay at that time.After that everything was perfectly normal.Game was on and we were ocasionaly flaming each other,playing,farming... At some point host tried to start some mental harrasment provoking me on all chat as you can,again,see in replay.I didnt turn on that much and i was evading to be killed leaving him no other option to abuse.At minute 21 when you remove fog of war and look at host`s hero (tuskar,in front of scourge base)you will notice that he is idle for some time(about 21:30 is the time) with no reason,enough time to alt+tab and do what ever he do,even to start drop.In the further 30 seconds i had "waiting for host" screen and very soon got disconnected(less than usual time when "waiting for host" apear).I am 100% sure that my internet connection was perfectly normal at that time and (if that mean anything) ping on tunnel toward him was about 50-80 which is below average latency for most of the players.

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ban C4L1BvR UID 9677745 drophack
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