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 Unban kos.lord

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PostSubject: Unban kos.lord   Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:04 am



Hi, first of all did you check the replay? you can see that Alchemist was farming whole game and he isnt willing to help our team when we need to def or push he is just farming and not helping at all. I mean whats the point of dota? Farming? its fcking team game and he isnt playing like a team player thats why i took his item,but we lost game bcs of him and i dont see point why did i got ban when we have been playing 5v4 for almost 1st min.

27:08 [Allies] kos.lord: alch 24min farm=0 items
27:11 [Allies] unnormals: fast
27:12 [Allies] unnormals: go
27:12 [Allies] unnormals: go
27:13 [Allies] unnormals: go
27:13 [Allies] unnormals: go
27:14 [Allies] unnormals: omg
27:15 [Allies] MorgeNn: axaxa
27:16 [Allies] MorgeNn: lose
27:17 [Allies] MorgeNn: game

0:13 [Allies] alightoqrue: troll will rape u in 4 secs maximum
30:17 [All] xxsunjinww: be relax
30:19 [Allies] MorgeNn: and
30:21 [Allies] MorgeNn: do i care?
30:26 [Allies] kos.lord: hes idiot
30:26 [Allies] alightoqrue: so help team idiot
30:29 [Allies] kos.lord: like his mother
30:30 [Allies] alightoqrue: its a team game
30:38 [Allies] MorgeNn: go fuck ur mothers idiots

31:14 [Allies] MorgeNn: super noobs
31:17 [Allies] MorgeNn: die
31:22 [Allies] alightoqrue: yeah noobs
31:24 [Allies] MorgeNn: XAXAXAXAXAXA

i mean wtf how can we play with this idiot who is ruining the game ??
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Unban kos.lord
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