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 unban k0cken

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PostSubject: unban k0cken    Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:49 am

Ban request: http://edhlr.canadaboard.net/t22899-ban-k0cken-8687810-cracked-client?highlight=k0cken

I really dont see what i've done wrong in this situation. I simply announced my game. There were 3 minutes between the two chat messages, thats not flood.
And i dont see how "spamming" equals "cracked client". I dont know the usual protocol for bans of spam etc. but i think 365 days ban is a bit rough,
it just makes my 6 month gm, completely useless. I dont know the exact time cap for flooding in chat or not flooding, but couldnt it just be some garena glitch that didnt block my message.
Mistakes do happen. If u wont unban me completely, pls consider making it only two weeks - a month ban. I honestly didnt do anything wrong, not on purpose atleast.

Hope you will consider my request.

Best regards
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PostSubject: Re: unban k0cken    Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:57 am

Spamming and cracked client are two different things. You are banned because it is not possible to write the exact same message two times in a row except it you have unofficial garena.
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unban k0cken
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