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 Remaking rule

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PostSubject: Remaking rule   Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:15 am

As most of you probably know, in the spirit of our policy to improve the quality of the games played in the EU High Level Rooms, we started some months ago a thread with a poll to ask you if you think that the remake rule should be changed. The results were clear enough, and since we always hear your opinion and your proposals, we decided to chose some of them which seemed reasonable. Every single proposal from that thread was carefully examined by me and 0doaker, so our final decision was to put these proposals for final voting:

0doaker :
You may remake/leave a game if game status is other than 5v5 and has lasted no longer than 7 minutes.

GanymeDes :
"We should keep the currect rule and add an extension which says "You can leave the game if someone leaves the game until min 7 and in the first minute after nobody from the team with less players explicitly says "play". If in this 1 min nobody says anything you can leave. If 1 or more players want to play you should follow the voting procedure of the current rule"

Street_dog :
If in the first 11 min of the game someone leaves you can vote to remake/cancel the game. Users who don’t vote will not be count. At least half of the current players should vote, from which at least 1 player from both teams. In order to remake/cancel the game you need the majority of the players who have voted. If the result is equal you still can remake the game. Time to vote – 1 min.

In 4v5 game there are 9 players. When asked to vote only 6 players vote. Then the majority of 6 is 4. If from these 4 “yes” there is at least one player from both teams we can remake. In case of equal result – 3 “yes” and 3 “no” we still can remake.
If in a game 4v5 when asked to vote, only 4 players vote, then the result is null because there is no quorum

After the 11 min if someone leaves you still can vote to remake/cancel following the standard rule described below

EU.Gaser :
If the game lasted less than 7 minutes, game status is other than 5v5, but game score is
other than 0-0, you may remake/leave if no more than 4 players within 1 minute express their will to continue playing

Jigg4 :
If the gametime is below 7 minutes and the gamestate is other than 5v5, you may leave/remake the game.
If the gametime is over 7 minutes,but under 10 minutes, you have 3 minutes to vote for a remake.Leaving in these 3 minutes without voting for remake is bannable. After these 3 minutes (maximum time would be 12:59 minutes) a remake vote isnt allowed anymore and you have to play the game on.

Very soon we will have new remaking rule, it's up to you to decide which proposal you like more. Feel free to vote. Keep in mind that new proposals will not be added, if you have one that means you have missed the opportunity to share it and that you should wait for the next time we decide to "remake" the remake rule.
Also keep in mind that this thread will be opened for 1 month in total. In February the 4th we will close the poll, we will announce the new rule will which will be applied instantly.

EU HLR Staff
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Remaking rule
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