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0doaker <-- Empty
PostSubject: 0doaker <--   0doaker <-- EmptyThu Dec 30, 2010 1:48 pm

hey 0doaker you unbanned me from 2 3 4 thats right but the ban time on 1 and 5 was like 5k hours not 1 year again :S
when fais banned me he did it from all ehlr's so the ban on hlr 1 and hlr 5 got started from 1 year :S
it was like 5k hours or more :S
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PostSubject: Re: 0doaker <--   0doaker <-- EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 9:46 pm

Oadoaker Your Argument is flawed simply as You cant Ban a user for NOT Breaking the EHLR code of conduct thats just like the legal legislation system putting you in prison for smoking in doors in america because is forbidden in the united kingdom.

"doesnt matter where you have used any kind of hack you should have got banned by GArena itself "

Since Your only associated with the EHLR rooms so your powers will be only Used in the EHLR rooms right ? or else every noob who hacks in room 16 for exp will be banned from EHLR?
however much id love to see that happen its a legal loop which yall need to fix asap.

Either you change the Rules or your going to have another 1 million cases bro.

"absolutely nothing for us from now on so you'd better not see yourself a situation where you need to be trusted."

Ouch!! any1 says YOU map hack or any sort of illegal activites and arevois misseur GG , Exucse my french

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0doaker <--
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