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last major update on 02-06-2011
last minor update on 03-26-2011

  • Leaving is not allowed when game status is 5v5, 4v5, or 4v4.

    • Rule #1 applies regardless of what the situation in the game is and regardless of how short or how long the game has lasted. Even if you leave only a few seconds before the game ends, you will get banned!
    • Someone who has been afk/idle for a total of 5 minutes or more counts as leaver when determining game status, but remember that you need to save the replay to prove it!
    • Rule #1 is the ONLY rule that does not apply in other game status except 5v5, 4v5 and 4v4. If game status is something else and you do not wish to continue playing according to the rules, LEAVE instead of going afk, idling or ruining the game on purpose!

  • Remaking

    • You may remake/leave a game if game status is other than 5v5 and has lasted no longer than 7 minutes (scoreboard time).
    • Users who have been afk/idle for a total of 5 minutes or more count as leavers when determining game status.
    • You are not allowed to forfeit.
    • At any time during a game you can vote to remake/cancel a game. In order to remake/leave the game, the majority of all players must agree, including those in the opposite team.
    • Only users who confirm that they wish to remake/cancel the game count. Users who do not reply count as having voted to play on.
    • If you remake/leave a game after a voting, you MUST save the replay in order to be able to prove that the majority of all players agreed, otherwise you will get banned if someone reports you!
    • The host of a game has no special rights to decide when to remake/cancel a game. Hosts remaking a game without fullfilling the criteria stated above will be counted as LEAVERS!

  • Afking/Idling is not allowed.

    • Afking/idling is banable in the following situations:
      • If you get kicked by other players in the game for being afk
      • If you stand afk or idle for 5 mins or more consecutively (Idling means to stand still with your hero, or to move around in your base (or anywhere else) without doing anything to help your team.)
      • Any other situation, when you stay afk or idle for more than 5 min in total, you might get banned after deep analysis of the game. Some of the things that will be considered are:
        • The overall amount of time you were afk
        • How many times you were afk
        • How much impact you afking/idling time had on the game

    • You MUST keep playing to the best of your ability until the endgame scoreboard appears!
    • If you have an emergency that forces you to go afk, like spilling soda on your keyboard, or feeling a sudden urge to visit the restroom, make sure to tell ALL the players in the game where you are going and when they might expect you to return. If you were afk for a total of 5 minutes or more, make sure to SAVE the replay in case someone reports you. If you cannot present the replay, you will NOT be unbanned!
    • If you for some reason have to be afk, do not move around with your hero to avoid being booted. It's up to your teammates if they wish to wait for your return or not. You cannot avoid ban by "dodging" the afk timer.
    • Ifking/idling is bannable if the upper criteria are fulfiled, regardless of the game status. If game status is other than 5v5, 4v5 or 4v4 leave instead going afk for you will be banned

  • Backdooring is not allowed

    • Backdooring means attacking an enemy building while there are no allied creeps nearby. Creeps are considered to be "nearby" a tower if they are within the tower's attack range.
    • Another easy way to know if you're backdooring or not: If the building regeneration system activates when you start attacking the building, that most likely means that you are backdooring and should stop attack the building immediately. Exceptions are:
      • If friendly creeps are near any of the towers guarding the entrances to the enemy base (tower #3 on the lane), or deeper inside the enemy base, you may attack any building inside the enemy base, including the third tower on each lane. This rule applies even if you enter the base from a direction where there are no friendly creeps.
      • If you approach an enemy building together with a friendly creep wave, but your creeps choose to walk past the building and attack the heroes or creeps behind it rather than attacking the building itself, you are still allowed to attack that building.
    • If you want to attack the first or second tower on a lane, you must approach those towers with a friendly creep wave for each individual tower. You are for example not allowed to attack the first tower on the bottom lane without creep support, even if a friendly creep wave has entered the enemy base at another lane.
    • If you have started attacking a building you may continue attacking it as long as you don't leave the area immediately next to the building, even if all your creeps have perished.
    • If all your creep support is gone and you leave the building, you must wait for a new friendly creep wave before you may attack it again.
    • Player-controlled creeps do NOT count as creep-support.
    • You may attack deniable towers (below 10% health) at any time.
    • You may attack any creep at any time.

  • Purposeful game ruining is not allowed.
    You are not allowed to:

    • Run into enemy heroes or towers with the intention of dying on purpose
    • Steal items from your teammates (But you may steal enemy items!)
    • Destroy items belonging to yourself or your team (but you may destroy enemy items!)
      Exception: You may destroy an item of small value in order to fill that item's slot with something else, like aegis from Roshan or an item from a courier, as long as you don't do it with the intention of ruining the game.
    • Refuse to help your team defend your base from enemy attacks as an attemp to make your team lose the game faster.
    • Use spells such as toss, test of faith and Ezalor's teleport to purposely ruin the game. (Like teleporting teammates without their agreement or tossing allied heroes into enemy team for no reason at all.)
    • Do anything else to help your enemies, make your team lose faster, or in any other way ruin the game on purpose.

  • Intentional bug abusing is not allowed

  • Using hacks is strictly prohibited

    • A hack is every program/script/operation that gives you advantage in the game, which:
      • Manually or automatically changes any .dll file
      • Uses memory editing techniques
      • Uses packet sniffing techniques
      • Changes any file in \garena or \warcraft3 directory

    • Changing textures is not allowed, except in the cases when it does not affect the gameplay in any way(the bannable changes include, but are not limited to dota maps, that show tower range, trees without textures etc, but do not include wc3 backgroud changes or similar)
    • Usage of any hack will result in a one-year ban from all Europe DotA High Level Rooms
    • If you use drop hack or in any other way kick someone from your game you will be penalized with a one-year ban from all EHLRs
    • If you use lag hack or in any other way cause other players to lag on purpose you will be banned for one year from all EHLRs
    • Using a namespoofer or in any other way altering your username inside Warcraft III will result in a one-year ban from all EHLRs. (You are allowed to use the gold member feature "set custom game name for Warcraft III"!)
    • If you use an inofficial version of Garena (cracked version / Garena hack etcetera) you will be banned for 365 days from all EHLRs.
    • Using IconHack will result in 10 days ban from all EHLRs.
    • Posting links to hacks or other fraudulent content will result in 30 days ban from all EHLRs.
    • Using programs that remap keys in any way is not bannable.

  • Host bots are not allowed

    • Beware that some host bots have features that will be treated as hacks in EHLR. If you use such featurs you will be banned for 365 days from all EHLRs!
    • Features that will get you banned for 365 days from all EHLRs include but are not limited to:
      • Kick featues
      • Features that allow you to change the name of yourself or other users inside Warcraft III
    • You will get banned for a short duration even if you only use innocent features.

  • English

    • In the Europe Dota High Level Rooms we speak English in the main chat. All other languages might result in kick/ban. EHLR moderators are NOT required to give a warning before they kick or ban. You are supposed to know the rules!
    • Speaking non-English ingame is allowed, but please respect the other players! If some players in your team don't speak your language you might want to consider speaking English in case they find your non-English annoying.
    • Remember that inside a Warcraft III game you can use -hhn and then /ignore username to ignore incoming messages from a specific user.

  • No Flooding, advertising or spamming

    • Spamming includes but is not limited to posting empty messages, senseless letter combination or repeating the same phrase more than two times.
    • Do not announce your game more often than once every minute!

  • Disrespectful behaviour is not allowed

    • You must respect everybody, regardless of their nationality, gender, age or any other classifications
    • You are not allowed to insult other users for any reason whatsoever. Do NOT flame!
    • Keep in mind that even words such as "noob" and "stfu" might be offensive to some users!
    • Remember that if someone bothers you inside a DotA game, you can use -hhn and then /ignore username in order to filter out messages from that particular user, but that does NOT justify flaming. If you answer to him with flames you might get banned.

  • Leaver Items

    • If someone leaves you may share the leaver's items among the team, teamsell them or keep them on the leaver hero, but when deciding how to distribute the items you must stick to the following rules:
    • If you want to take an item from a leaver, you must first ask your teammates for permission. You must wait at least 30 seconds to give your allies the chance to answer. You may only take the item if nobody in your team has given a negative answer after 30 seconds or if everyone in your team has given an affermative answer.
    • If your team cannot agree about what to do with the items on the leaver, they must be teamsold.
    • Teamselling means to sell the items using the leaver hero.
    • If two players struggle with one another about taking an item, they might both get banned, regardless of what has been agreed! If you said no and someone tries to take the item anyway, don't try to prevent him from taking it, report him instead!
    • You are always allowed to teamsell leaver items without asking your teammates, as long as you do not struggle with another player. Tell your team if you don't want them to take the items! If someone tries to take an item anyway, report him!
    • Keep in mind that by teamselling items you lose half the item value! Often it is better to distribute the items among your team, if you can come to an agreement.
    • You may always use a leaver hero, no matter what happened to his items.

  • Proving your innocence

    • In EHLR, as opposed to courts of law, we follow the "guilty until proven innocent" principle. If you get wrongfully banned, it is YOUR responsibility to prove your innocence. The reason for this is that if we were to make a full investigation for every single banrequrest, we would need to quintuble the number of EHLR moderators at the very least. It's simply not sustainable. Below you can read what type of proof you need for the most common situations:
    • In addition to the things that follow, you must ALWAYS save the replay for every situation where you might get reported. Most of the time the replay cannot prove you crashed or disconnected, but it can often show that there was no apparent reason for you to leave on purpose, so it can be a good complement to screenshots. But remember that presenting only the replay is not good enough to get you unbanned if you disconnected or crashed, you need screenshots too!
    • Often when you disconnect or have a Garena crash you won't be able to save the replay manually, but it will always be automatically saved as lastreplay.w3g unless your pc shuts down in the middle of the game. Therefore, if you aren't able to save the replay manually, you should go to your Warcraft III folder and rename the lastreplay.w3g file to something else so that it doesn't get overwritten the next time you play.
    • If you disconnect, you must take a screenshot of the "you have been disconnected" message.
    • When your Garena crashes, most of the time the only thing that will happen is that you disconnect, so you can treat that the same way as disconnecting. When you get the error message, do NOT press any of the options on the message! If you do that, your Warcraft III might close down. Instead, you should alt-tab back to Warcraft III and take a screenshot of the "you have been disconnected" message.
    • For some people, Warcraft III automatically closes when Garena crashes. If that happens, you should take a screenshot of the error message. Beware that this kind of evidence is very weak, as it's almost impossible to know that the screenshot wasn't taken at another time or by another user. Therefore you should do everything you can do show that the screenshot was really taken at the time your game was played. If you use Windows, you can do that by opening the clock & date display in your bottom right corner before you take the screenshot.
    • If your Warcraft III crashes, you should take a screenshot of the error message, but make sure your Garena is open in the background so that we can see which room you were in and that the screenshot was really taken by you. In addition to that, it's a very good idea to open the clock & date panel as described previously.
    • If you were banned for afking even though you told everyone you were forced to leave your computer due to an emergency, you must present the replay.
    • If you were reported for remaking/leaving a game according to rule #12 you must present the replay.
    • If your computer reboots or if you have a power failure so that you cannot save any evidence, you should try to contact the other players in the game and ask them to give you the replay.
    • If you were reported for leaving a game in which at least one of the teams had less than four players, you must present the replay. (For example if someone was afk for a total of 5 minutes or more, but didn't get booted, so it looked as if game status was 4v5 instead of 3v5 in the screenshot presented in the banrequest.)
    • "I didn't think anyone would report me for this" is NOT an acceptable excuse for not having any evidence! We recommend enabling the replay autosave feature, that way you'll be sure to at least always have the replay!
    • The more times you've been banned, the harder it will be for you to get unbanned. If you have a very poor ban history, you might not get unbanned even if you present valid evidence! If you for some reason aren't able to present any evidence at all, only an almost perfectly clean ban history will save you!
    • If you attempt to trick EHLR moderators with lies or fake evidence you will get banned, alternatively get your penalty increased if you are already banned.
    • Keep your evidence for as long time as long as possible! We do not want users to wait with their banrequests, but some users do that anyway. There is always a risk that someone will report you several days or even several weeks after the game was played. We do not allow that, but you can't expect to be safe from late reports, because it is almost impossible for us to determine when a game was played.

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