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 Unban or reduce rq*

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PostSubject: Unban or reduce rq*   Sun Dec 26, 2010 4:59 pm

Hi powerfull admins :> http://edhlr.canadaboard.net/t22482-ban-rakialover
i think my ban shoud be reduced because its ridicolous 30 days for 30 secs...
anyway im also thinking that this skilled admin Eunique is abusing with his rights because of this ban request http://edhlr.canadaboard.net/t22626-ban-hitler
the guy from the request is a german so i think they have some family relationship but who knows mb only in hitler they trust anyway hope some from head admins tell him what he shoud to do :>
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PostSubject: Re: Unban or reduce rq*   Sun Dec 26, 2010 5:17 pm

I trust all moderators here and I know they are doing all his best, so if you are going to acuse someone you'd better find good proof about that.
As a matter of fact in the both cases above he made good decision.
Firstly you have no right to leave the game if someone doesn't let you mid. There is no rule that says "you can go remake if somebody takes your place in the mid".
Also the report is also to be denied, because the host obviously started the game without the consent of the players. One of them as it seems was particulary unready, mb wanting slot or something like that. We don't ban countdown leavers except in the cases they leave on purpose to ruin. Then of course if you play with friend, enter a game and want slot for him and the host just ignores you pressing start you would leave as well. It's normal and it's host fault. If you fail at listening all the players in the game you fail as a host. I tell you that not from the position of admin, but from the position of host, because in 99% of the games I played in garena, and they are many indeed, I was the host.

So back to those cases. Basically I find your conduct generally unacceptable for euhlr. The fact that you left when someone else come to "your" lane is explaining everything.
I hope in these 30 days you will learn the lesson and try to mature as a player and as a person as well

Request is denied

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Unban or reduce rq*
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